Call Valet

  • Robocalls
  • Telemarketing calls
  • Blocked number calls
  • No name no number calls
  • Automated or computer generated calls
  • Market research calls
  • FAX calls
  • Nuisance calls

Price: $69.99

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DSL Filter

Product features:
Isolates telephone from DSL internet noise Blocks DSL signals from voice-band equipment Filters both lines at a two-line jack

Price: $10.99

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Product features:
RJ45 splitter 1 to 2 adapter connector Allow two computers to share high speed DSL, cable modem and Ethernet ports
Color: Beige

Price: $4.99

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Telephone Jack Cable

Product features:
This 6P6C cable is used for Telephone/Modem. Cable gives you the chance to replace the short cables in your workspace with longer

Price: $1.25

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DC Power Adapter/Charger

Inout : 110-240Vac
DC Cable : 1.5M
DC Plug : 5.5mmX2.5mmX9.5mm (straight)
Weight : 83g
Size : 58.3mmX41mmX25.5mm
Safety Certifications : CE, cULus, FCC, RoHS

Price: $7.50

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Call Valet-Pro

The Call Valet-Pro introduces an enhanced wild card feature;
it is capable of not only providing for complete area code blocking, but also specific exchange blocking within an area code.
It now puts the advanced user in complete control by allowing three levels of blocking:

  • Specific number blocking e.g. telephone 868 555 1234
  • Specific exchange blocking within an area code e.g. 868 555*
  • Specific area code blocking e.g. 868*
      In addition, the

Call Valet-Pro has:

  • Simplified and more robust ‘no number and private caller’ entry for unknown number blocking.
  • Error checking messaging, to ensure saved numbers to be blocked are in the correct format.

Included in your package:

  • Unit of Call Valet-Pro
  • AC power adapter
  • Telephone line cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Price: $79.99

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**We only accept order for accessory items such as DSL, splitter, or cable if at least 1 Call Valet is purchased.
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