How To Block Harassing And Nuisance Calls in Canada

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Call Valet is custom made to reject nuisance calls. Its blocked number memory register can store up to two hundred numbers. It has a wild card feature by which all numbers of any area code (e.g. 888) can be blocked. It can also block callers with unknown numbers. So the total number of blocked callers could be thousands. One can manually store phone numbers to be blocked by entering through the keypad. It can also capture and store fifty incoming calls at one time in the incoming caller memory register. Any wanted caller’s number from the incoming caller memory register can be transferred to the blocked number memory register.Call Valet Blocker
Once an enlisted telephone number calls, the Call Valet will intercept the call and present the caller with an open but silent line. The LED will be turned on to indicate an undesired caller is online. Until the LED is turned off i.e. line is dropped or disconnected, the user has the option to speak to the caller by simply picking up the handset, and talk. Otherwise, it will end the call after a predetermined period.
This unique call blocker device also adheres to the North American Caller ID standards, displaying the name and number of all incoming calls. It must be connected to a normal phone jack in the wall like a regular phone. One device is sufficient for all telephones connected to a single telephone line, regardless of the number of telephones connected to the line. In case of power outage no stored memory is lost.

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