Dastalk Telecom Redesigns Its Call Blocker Retail Website

DasTalk Telecom Inc. is pleased to present its valued clientele with a newly revamped e-commerce website. This bright user-friendly website is designed to give their current and potential costumers a better sense and understanding of their products. To better serve its customers, the website features new design, user-friendly navigation as well as provides an option to order all DasTalk products online with ease.

As the demand for nuisance call blocking devices has grown so has the popularity and the demand for superlative Call Valet, an advanced call blocker. To maximize customers experience the website also provides very comprehensive user manual and quick installation guide so that one can explore its features and understand how it works in blocking up to two hundred numbers at one time. The checkout page allows users to update cart and it automatically calculates the shipping and tax for US and Canada customers. One is required to contact the company to know the exact shipping charges in case one wants to order more than 2 Call Valet units.

Their website provides in-depth information and resources about its products the Call Valet™, Splitter, DSL filter, DC power adapter and so on. The website lists some of the frequently asked questions to eliminate any doubts of potential customers. The customers can also track media and press coverage of all DasTalk products in the News and events section. John Goddard business reporter with the TO Star in a press review of the Call Valet™ quoted, “Telemarketers have a new adversary.”

In addition to the call blocker device, the other accessories available on the website are also tailor made to make the life of consumer easy like Splitter which allows two computers to share high speed DSL, cable modem and Ethernet ports and DSL filter which isolates and blocks DSL internet noise and signals.

The Call Valet-Pro with advanced features is the latest addition to superior DasTalk family of products and will soon be updated on the website as well. Experience right now the absolute user friendly website redesigned to provide each consumer a V.I.P treatment!

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