DasTalk Announces Sales Agreement With Areva Solutions To Sell Call Valet-Pro

There is no denying, the revolution caused by the onset of telecommunications in the world of information and marketing. People across the world can now communicate cheaply and without any delays. This development, however, presents new challenges to users who are forever bombarded with unwanted calls and messages trying to sell things they do not want and for which they have shown no interest in. Dastalk Telecom, the reputed manufacturer of Call Valet has reached a sales deal with Areva Solutions to ensure that users worldwide will be able to control the calls that come to their phones.

Call Valet-PRO which is an advanced and improved version of Call valet, no doubt is the best in the range and is specially created to give telephone users more control over the call a person receives. This agreement will help customers to buy the products online sold by Areva Solutions and Dastalk Telecom at one place. This agreement stipulates that both the companies will not compete in terms of prices, but rather Dastalk will deliver the product to the destinations given by Areva Solutions, under the stated terms including six month’s warranty and others.

Whether one works in a busy office or one just wants minimal interruptions, Call Valet-PRO will work for them. The agreement between these two companies does not only ensure a wider reach, but it also ensures that customers can get the solutions delivered to their homes or offices at the click of a button.  Hence, now customers will not have to go through the agonies of answering calls that add no value to them. The two companies are partnering to make sure there is a straightforward way to block unwanted calls at no added monthly cost. Although, there are other products coming up in the market, Call Valet-PRO is unique and will, no doubt, deliver all the intended results either to you as a person or to an organization. Call Valet-PRO comes with other numerous features that will indeed transform how users interact with their phones. There is also a free quick guide and user manual to download.

Every day, there are numerous useless and inappropriate calls that are received that add no value to the user. These would be marketing calls, computer generated calls, FAX calls and those made from hidden numbers. Users should be able to block these calls so that they do not interrupt or waste crucial moments. Call Valet-PRO is essentially made to ensure that these nuisance calls are controlled.

Dastalk Telecom and Areva Solutions are the two leading companies that are renowned in the call blocking solutions industry. Bringing to the customers unmatched competence and experience, these two companies have partnered to give you top-notch call control services that remain unmatched in the industry.

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