The Call Valet™ has features not available on other products to date.

!!These powerful features are recommended to be used with caution!!


The Call Valet™ will block calls of all user designated numbers.

  • Call Valet™ must be used in conjunction with Caller ID option from your telephone service provider.
  • Only one Call Valet™ is required for each telephone line.
  • Adheres to the North American Caller ID standards, displaying the name and number of all incoming calls.
  • Blocked telephone numbers are edited by the users and are under their control.
  • Displays and stores the latest 50 incoming caller ids. (When receiving, and storing the 51st call, the oldest call will be deleted from its memory.)
  • Blocks up to 200 numbers.
  • Blocks entire area codes, e.g. 800*******, 886*******, 647******* blocks all numbers from area codes (800), (886) and (647) respectively.
  • Blocks calls that display ‘No name and No number’ or where the Caller ID has been blocked by callers. See cautions
  • Provides visual indication when a call is being blocked.
  • While a call is being blocked user has the option to speak to the caller by simply picking up the handset of the telephone connected to the line.
  • The call blocking list may be edited by:
    • transferring numbers from the received number list
    • manually entering them using the Call Valet’s keypad.
  • Any number in the blocking list may be removed at any time.

Your Call Valet™ package includes:

  • The Call Valet
  • DC power adapter
  • Telephone line cable
  • Quick Start Guide


  • Area code blocking – Some regional/local areas may share different area codes, make sure no important telephone numbers are being blocked.
  • “No Name, No Number” calls – Some organizations e.g. hospitals, government offices, etc. may not provide number and name in their caller id.
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