1) Would I need to subscribe a Caller ID service? 
Yes. You must subscribe to Caller ID from your service provider. The Call Valet™ will not function without it.

2) What is the power requirement of Call Valet™?
Call valet consumes <200mA during operations. A 9Vdc @ 500mA power supply is included in the package. Replacement adapters are available from DasTalk.

3) What are the dimensions and weight of Call Valet™?
a)Dimension (w/d/h) is (13.7cm) x (19.5cm) x (3.6cm Keypad end, 6.4cm LCD end) approximate.
b)Weight is 400 gm approximate.

4) What is the warranty period of Call Valet™?
Six (6) months with parts and labor, please see your User Guide for exact details

5) I have a DSL line. Would Call Valet™ work in DSL line?
If a central DSL filter is provided by the telephone service provider, then a separate DSL filter for Call Valet™ is not required. Otherwise, a DSL filter will be required for Call Valet™. the internet service will remain unaffected. These are available from DasTalk for a small charge

6) I have a cordless telephone. Will Call Valet™ still work?
The Call Valet is connected to a normal phone jack in the wall like a regular phone. Your cordless phone will function normally.

7) In what other countries besides the USA and Canada will the Call Valet™ work?
Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. For use in other countries, please consult our service department before ordering

8) If we get a power outage in the house will the Call Valet™ lose the telephone numbers in its memory?
The numbers are stored in a nonvolatile memory. It won’t lose the stored numbers if the there is power outage.

9) Do I need a Call Valet™ for each telephone?
One (1) Call Valet™ is sufficient for all telephones connected to a single telephone line, regardless of the number of telephones connected to the line.

10)Would I hear any ringing if the call is blocked?
If the call is blocked, there will be only one ring, since the caller id comes between the first and second ring.

If you have additional questions please contact us at info@block-calls.com

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*Please contact us for special shipping rate if you order more than 2 Call Valet units
**We only accept order for accessory items such as DSL, splitter, or cable if at least 1 Call Valet is purchased.
***Additional charge for shipping and handling: $16.05 for Canada and $22 for US.