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Current product Call Valet-Pro is discontinued. New product under development.

Call Valet Pro

An unique landline call blocking device that can block all unwanted, unknown, private & robo calls from telemarketers and nuisance callers with a simple click of a button naumi auckland airport hotel .

Call Valet Pro allows users in complete control of your telephone line! 1xbet promo

DasTalk Telecom constantly strives to provide the very best value to its customers.

All DasTalk Telecom products continue to be produced exclusively in North America using the latest manufacturing facilities.

call block, call forwarding, call blocking, block phone number, blocking call, call blocker

Call Valet Pro stops wastage of paper and ink in a Fax machine. When a call is blocked, the user can still answer the call within a pre-set time. The user creates and manages a list of telephone numbers to be blocked with a simple click of a button. Call Valet Pro provides complete area code blocking, exchange code blocking and blocking calls with unknown number and private callers.

Features included:

  • Specific number blocking e.g. telephone 868 555 1234.
  • Specific exchange blocking within an area code e.g. 868 555*.
  • Specific area code blocking e.g. 868*.
  • Robust ‘no number and private caller’ blocking.
  • Transfer telephone numbers into the blocked list with a single button.

Wonderful product. Every household should have one just to avoid those telemarketers, whether you are on a do not call list or not. Also works for those pesky banks that phone you multiple times a week trying to sell you their other services!" — Paul G Brandon
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This is a great product. A push of a button and that number is blocked. Our telemarketer calls are under control with this product. It was worth every penny." — Laura Brookbank Sudkamp